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Connectria Holiday Spirit


In the true spirit of the holidays, Connectria’s employees participated in a decoration contest.  Everyone who participated received a Connectria sweatshirt, with “winners” receiving cash prizes.  Do you have a favorite?

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How To Avoid Being The Office Jerk

Source: Business Insider
Here’s How To Avoid Being The Office Jerk
By Rob Baiocco, chief creative officer at The BAM Connection

You’ve probably encountered a coworker who was outright rude — always picking fights, hurting feelings, and throwing teammates under the bus.

However, there’s also office jerks who take a more subtle approach: they constantly critique your work, don’t listen to your ideas, or only look out for themselves. These annoyances may even be so slight the individual doesn’t realize how they’re coming across to coworkers.

Luckily, these transgressions are avoidable. Here are four ways to keep yourself from being the office jerk:

1. Downplay your ego.

Your accomplishments are important and should be celebrated, but constantly pointing the spotlight on yourself gets old quickly. Chances are you’re part of a larger team, so no win is a completely solo effort. “It’s okay to take some of the credit if you actually deserve it, but taking all the credit only causes people to dislike you,” writes Rob Baiocco, chief creative officer at The BAM Connection, in a LinkedIn post.

It’s fine to enjoy the rush of signing a new client or landing a huge deal, but don’t let your achievements make you arrogant.

2. Focus on your work.

Office politics and brownnosing aren’t going to drive your company to success, so they shouldn’t be steering your priorities either. “If you care more about sticking it to someone else, protecting your job, or trying to look good in front of your boss, people don’t respect your decisions because they know they are wrongly motivated,” Baiocco explains. He suggests staying committed to the tasks at hand, as you’ll earn more respect if coworkers see that your main focus is improving the business.

3. Respect everyone’s ideas.

Yes, certain employees are bound to stand out more than others, whether they always speak up during meetings or have a seemingly endless flow of solid ideas. However, this doesn’t mean that other workers should be seen as less productive or not considered “idea people,” Baiocco notes. Great insights can come from anywhere, and immediately writing someone off makes you look like a jerk. “Even if you don’t use their thinking, they will respect that you actually listened and considered it,” he says. 

4. Don’t micromanage.

Though it may be tempting at times to check up on coworkers, don’t. Instead, focus on getting your own tasks finished and allow your teammates to do theirs. If you try to oversee every aspect of a project, you’ll most likely annoy your coworkers and let your own work ethic slip. “When everyone performs his or her own particular expertise, the job almost always goes more smoothly, and turns out higher quality,” Baiocco says

Profiles in NinJAs – Amber

Amber Profiles in NinJAs

Amber is a Technical Account Manager for Connectria. Keep reading to learn why she is a Customer Service NinJA and what “No Jerks Allowed” means to her.

What is your personal customer service mantra?
  • In customer service, it is extremely important to be open and supportive of a customer’s feelings and needs. Just like our organization, people’s lives depend on business continuity and success. My customer service mantra is to establish a trusting relationship and keep nourishing it.

What are your personal pet peeves when you are in the role of a customer?
  • When I’m the customer in a situation and I get the sense that the company contact I am speaking with could really care less that I am there, that’s a big pet peeve of mine. The same goes for that company’s attitude toward its employees. Everyone has their own struggles and need for support. If everyone could just work together and put care into their thoughts and actions, things can become a positive experience for everyone.

Have you ever been treated rudely or unfairly by a customer? How did you handle it?
  • Yes, a few times. Most of the time, I focus on finding reasoning behind the situation in question and point that out. Other times, I ask for time to figure the situation out and say that I will give them a call back. I think this reaction applies to most people in this type of situation – it’s best to take time to identify and deliver a thoughtful response versus acting quickly and irrationally.

What does “No Jerks Allowed” mean to you?
  • No Jerks Allowed to me is synonymous with the saying “love one another.” In a strictly platonic way, of course! I believe everyone is connected on this earth and your actions can easily change the course of your – or another person’s – life. There is too much negativity and hate in the world to add to it. We need to focus on balancing the positive and negative instances in life. If colleagues continually added disrespect and selfishness to our daily work, the company would not thrive. I know this because I’ve worked for a bunch of Jerks in the past – there was no sense of happiness or support. It broke my heart and I got out of there as soon as possible.

Jerk Story – The Grinch


Reader submission from Bridget

It’s my favorite time of year – the holiday season! The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the office Grinch. Every year our office has a cubicle decoration contest, holiday potluck, and small gift exchange. The past few years, though, one office mate has been a real jerk, always finding a way to damper the holiday spirit. Last year, I was determined to turn this Grinch and get him in the spirit!

To figure out what the problem was, I invited him to lunch one day. I figured out that in all the 8 years he worked for the company, not one person gave him a holiday gift! Apparently the rest of us were the jerks, not him. I also figured out that he loved peppermint and chocolate. For our potluck, I made peppermint bark specifically for him & gave him some of my famous peppermint hot chocolate mix. That day, I saw a completely new man that was thrilled for the holidays! And guess what? This year, he volunteered to host the holiday party and decorate the entire office.

If you have an office Grinch, sometimes all they need is a little attention and some chocolate. Happy holidays!

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