Profiles in NinJAs – Tim

Tim Profiles in NinJAs

Tim is a Senior Systems Engineer for Connectria. He explains what “No Jerks Allowed” means to him and how he achieves customer service success.

What is your personal customer service mantra?
  • I’ve found success in my career working with customers because I live by the mantra: Whatever it takes, make them say “Wow!”

What are your personal pet peeves when you are in the role of a customer?
  • Assuming I can get on the phone with an actual person and not a bot recording, my pet peeve is for that customer service representative breaks out their “script” and begins reciting their steps for troubleshooting, completely ignoring the fact that I’ve already performed them. It’s a waste of time on both ends. Working at Connectria has further instilled in me a belief in tailored customer offerings and customer service unique to each and every person you work with.

Have you ever been treated rudely or unfairly by a customer? How did you handle it?
  • Sure, and I could go into great detail about all the clichés people might use to respond to this, but the bottom line comes down to “vote with your wallet.” If someone’s unwilling to work with you professionally, take your business elsewhere.

What does “No Jerks Allowed” mean to you?
  • When anyone (employee, customer or vendor) walks through the doors of our facility, they will be among some of the best personalities in the business. They will be welcomed in with open arms and become part of a “culture” that we’ve all worked so hard to create.

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