How to Not Hire the Next Office Jerk at Your Startup
Venture Beat
By Brad Wiskirchen

There is a clear connection between workplace hostility and employee productivity. A recent study by Connectria of 250 IT professionals found that 65 percent of respondents have dreaded going to work because of a difficult coworker, while 40 percent said it caused the quality of their work to decline.

Is Your Workplace a ‘Jerkplace?’ Here Is How to Fix It.
By Rich Waidmann

One of the most important aspects of running any successful business is creating a work environment where good people actually want to work. Of course, salary and benefits have to be relatively competitive, and offering decent offices and nice perks never hurts. But something that’s more important than any of that is making sure your workplace isn’t a “jerkplace.” What’s a jerkplace? Simply put, it’s an environment that tolerates jerks and jerky behavior —and one that kills any chance of teamwork and productivity inside your company.

When Companies Stop Excusing Bad Behavior
Fast Company
By Stephanie Vozza

Being rude and offensive is no longer tolerated at many companies no matter how brilliant you may be at your job.

Is Attila the Hun Your Boss?
HR News

By Kathy Gurchiek 

A boss who bullies, belittles and tramples over the personal lives of employees creates a toxic work atmosphere.

A LOT of tech workers are being bullied at work
Business Insider

By Julie Bort

Working as an IT professional is an incredibly mixed bag these days. On the one hand, the pay is great, demand for skilled tech workers is high, and the work is often rewarding.On the other, very long hours are common and the stress and pressure to perform can literally drive some of them insane.

Now add one more negative to the list: a high chance of being bullied by a co-worker.

New Study Looks At The Epidemic Of ‘Jerks’ In IT
by David Weldon

Everybody knows one on the job–a real jerk. Whether they obnoxiously occupy the adjacent cubicle, dominate otherwise productive team meetings, or even sign off on your performance review, jerks are alive and well–and that goes big time for the IT workforce.

Two thirds of IT staff dread work due to bullying
HR Grapevine

A profession in IT can offer great rewards; high pay, a constant demand for your skills and satisfying work results.

However, stress to perform, added with the high chance of being bullied by a co-worker highlight the less positive aspects of working in tech.

Over half (55%) of 250 IT professionals surveyed in the US. said they have been bullied by a co-worker, and 65% said they dreaded going to work because of a colleague’s bad behaviour.

Do You Work with a Bunch of Jerks?
IT Business Edge

We’ve seen an increasing amount of coverage in the press about “bullying” incidents in our nation’s schools and the sometimes traumatic and even fatal results. Unfortunately, while we might like to think of this as kids being kids, these attitudes and unacceptable behaviors can linger into adulthood and poison the workplace.

Bullying Still a Major Issue at Tech Firms
by Nick Kolakowski

Think bullying’s restricted to the schoolyard? Think again: A majority of tech pros report that a co-worker tormented them at some point.

Work With a Jerk? Here’s How to Handle It
Business News Daily

by Nicole Fallon

Have you ever felt like one of your colleagues was picking on you? You’re not alone. According to a survey by managed and cloud-hosting solutions provider Connectria Hosting, 55 percent of workers have been bullied at work, and 65 percent have dreaded coming into the office because of a co-worker.

Tips on How to Spot Jerks Before They’re Hired
CIO Insight

by Dennis McCafferty

he vast majority of tech professionals said they’ve had the misfortune to work with at least one jerk in the last five years, according to a recent survey from Connectria. CIOs can’t afford to take this issue lightly, because a personality-challenged team member can cause declines in overall office morale, productivity and work quality, findings revealed.

Five Ways to Rid Your Company of Office Jerks
by Rich Waidmann

There are a lot of things that impact a business – technology, location, economy, workforce, etc. But have you ever stopped to think of how the different factors of your workforce, such as personality, play a role in your company’s success or failure? Well, maybe it’s time you do.

6 Powerful Reasons to Create a ‘No Jerks Allowed’ Rule in Your Workplace Minda Zetlin

40 percent of employees say working with unpleasant people lowers productivity. So why would you want them around?

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