Reader Submission by Laura

I’m sure everyone who has worked in an office has met this guy: the one who thinks he is too busy and important to be a good office citizen. He’s the one who takes the last of the coffee without setting up a new pot, or sneaks his dirty dishes into the sink for the “dish fairy” to deal with, or simply can’t be bothered to ask anyone about themselves but is more than happy to brag about his own weekend plans.

Everyone is busy, and he is a good worker, but eventually that kind of disrespect in an office where we genuinely try to be good to each other got pretty old. We started a mini campaign against his bad behavior – calling him out when we’d catch him swiping the last donut and not throwing away the box or saying things to him like “yes my weekend was nice, thank you for asking.” We figured he’d either shape up or get annoyed with us and be out the door.

We actually achieved both results! He did end up moving on before too long, but his behavior was much improved in his final few weeks with us. It was nice sending him off on a positive note, and I’m sure his new office appreciates his good manners.

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