Reader Submission from Elena

We have all dealt with a finger pointer at least once in our lives. Unfortunately, I dealt with one for nearly a year. After college, I took a job as an analyst for a small company. I was fresh out of college, so I was still learning quite a bit and making some mistakes. This one guy seemed to take advantage of the fact that I was a recent college grad and always put the blame on me for his problems. Even though some of the mistakes were mine, it wasn’t right that he was pointing a finger at me for everything. After working there for 10 months, I got sick of it.

I never retaliated by pointing my fingers back at him because I found that to be unprofessional. Instead, I tried looking at the situation from his point of view and understand why he felt the way he did so I can help diffuse and solve the problem. During this process of finding a solution, I noticed that I sometimes participate in finger pointing as well. Since then, I’ve tried taking my own blame in certain situations rather than pointing out other’s flaws or misdoings. Even though I know that sometimes it isn’t my fault, it helps preventing the other person from feeling ashamed.

Ultimately, even if something isn’t your fault, it’s best to avoid finger pointing!

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