Reader Submission by Jared

I was a camp counselor for two summers back in my college days. I dreaded going back the second time because I worked with the biggest mooch. He was a great coworker, but not one day went by where he didn’t take something from me or the other counselors. He would take anything – food, camp supplies, sunglasses, even water! I didn’t mind if he had a few chips from my lunch or took a few sips from my drink, but he did it everyday without offering anything in return. I brought an extra pair of sunglasses in case he never returned mine. The worst was when he took art supplies from my group and I had to go back to the shed to get more.

His mooching created so much work for all the counselors that we decided to take a stand. I tried avoiding him as much as possible by moving my group to another pavilion. If he found us, we only gathered enough supplies for our groups so he would have to get his own. After a week, his campers started to complain about being separated from the others and not using any supplies. He finally got the hint and cleaned up his moochy ways.

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