Office life can have its ups and downs, but having to endure a jerk at work does not make the work day go by any faster.

Office jerks take on many forms. If you are wondering whether you are dealing with a jerk at work, here are five jerk profiles to help you identify whether your pesky coworker achieves jerk status:

The Bully:

This is probably the worst jerk of all, mostly because he/she is a character you thought you left behind in high school and would never have to encounter again. Unfortunately, many high school bullies become grown-up bullies, and you are left confronting them again in the workplace. Although the traits of these bullies remain the same – from badmouthing, to name-calling, snubbing, and being just plain rude – remember that you’re not in high school anymore, and stand up for yourself.

The Idea Stealer:

Don’t you hate when you have an excellent idea, share your brilliance with a friendly colleague, and walk into a meeting to hear your boss is congratulating your so-called “office friend” for the same idea?! Although unfortunate, some people just can’t think for themselves, or stand to see another person get all the glory. One redeeming thing: there is a strong possibility that this jerk can’t distinguish between a good idea and a bad one. So, somewhere along the way, slip in a really bad idea and let the jerk steal that.

The Brownnoser:

You know the type – always kissing up to management, asking for new assignments, inviting your boss out to lunch, and all around making you look bad. They are like the kid in class who would raise their hand as soon as the school bell rang. While listening to this person kiss up is bound to get under your skin, take solace in knowing that if you can see right through them, likely so can everyone else, including your boss.

The Know-it-all:

This person has an answer for everything – and we mean EVERYTHING – whether they actually know anything about the subject or not. Know-it-alls are pretentious, opinionated, bad at listening and believe something is true just because they happen to think it. The best way to deal with a know-it-all? Come to a conversation prepared with proven facts that will back up your opinion. Armed with hard figures, the know-it-all will have a hard time trumping what you have to say.

The Eternal Pessimist:

This Negative Nancy just generally has a bad attitude – about everything. You can often find them shooting down others’ ideas, refusing to see the bright side and feverishly talking about why things can’t be done. While there is usually no light at the end of the tunnel for the pessimist, try to change their view by explaining the ways you believe you can achieve success. Perhaps if they are able to visualize a few simple, actionable steps, they will feel better about the project at hand.

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