No Jerks Allowed

Jerk Story – Sexist Boss

Reader Submission by Lauren. After almost two years as the lead designer of a digital marketing agency, an urgent project came to me with very short notice and only a few days to complete. Our previous Creative Director who recently quit was still freelancing for the company and was given the project over me. However, […]


5 Most Common Jerks You Are Likely to Encounter at Work

Office life can have its ups and downs, but having to endure a jerk at work does not make the work day go by any faster. Office jerks take on many forms. If you are wondering whether you are dealing with a jerk at work, here are five jerk profiles to help you identify whether […]


Jerk Story – Office Bullying

Reader Submission by Kristin. Several years ago — before I knew what to look for when interviewing with a company — I ended up working with a lot of jerks. One of the worst examples is the time a group of colleagues sent company-wide emails making fun of another colleague’s shoes. Unfortunately, this was just […]