No Jerks Allowed

Jerk Story – Office Gossiper


Reader Submission by Juliana.

At my first big city internship in college with a fashion brand, the office was so gossipy – any time someone left the office everyone would immediately start talking about them and their work. It was incredibly toxic and nerve wracking (you knew they’d talk about you when you left). It taught me that office gossip is a) never worth it b) never productive and c) just a terrible idea. It was a great learning experience for my first job!

Jerk Story – Immature Coworkers


Reader Submission by Amanda.

When I think about Jerks in the workplace, I think about the last job I had where I was surrounded by immature coworkers. The women were constantly fighting with one another and always seemed to treat others without any respect. On many occasions a small group of women would plan a lunch outing and specifically exclude others. Then they would flaunt the fact that they went out together and make others feel left out on purpose.

They would jump at the chance to call out the faults of others and would rather tattle to upper management than attempt to teach a coworker how to do something the right way. There were quite a few situations where a couple women would steal ideas of others and attempt to take credit for it. They would intimidate the others so that nobody would complain or else they would be sorry. It was a real case of mean girls.

You probably think these women were freshly out of college and new in the workforce, but this was not the case! These were women in their 40s & 50s that acted worse than high school girls. I am very happy that I am now surrounded by coworkers who are nice to everyone. It makes such a big difference to like the people you work with.