No Jerks Allowed

Jerk Story – The Grinch


Reader submission from Bridget

It’s my favorite time of year – the holiday season! The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the office Grinch. Every year our office has a cubicle decoration contest, holiday potluck, and small gift exchange. The past few years, though, one office mate has been a real jerk, always finding a way to damper the holiday spirit. Last year, I was determined to turn this Grinch and get him in the spirit!

To figure out what the problem was, I invited him to lunch one day. I figured out that in all the 8 years he worked for the company, not one person gave him a holiday gift! Apparently the rest of us were the jerks, not him. I also figured out that he loved peppermint and chocolate. For our potluck, I made peppermint bark specifically for him & gave him some of my famous peppermint hot chocolate mix. That day, I saw a completely new man that was thrilled for the holidays! And guess what? This year, he volunteered to host the holiday party and decorate the entire office.

If you have an office Grinch, sometimes all they need is a little attention and some chocolate. Happy holidays!